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Aster Purple is a cheerful and elegance vase arrangement. This arrangement is perfect for an anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day or Mother's Day gift.  Due to the the simplicity of this arrangement, it is suitable for most homes. This arrangement is made using dried, sola and preserved flowers. 


All of our arrangements come with a vase. Bouquet arrangements such as bridal/bridesmaids do not come with a vase.

Aster Purple

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  • Height: 55cm

    Width: 50cm

    • Dried palm leaf
    • Dried pampas grass
    • Dried nigella
    • Dried misty fern
    • Scabiosa pods
    • Preserved hydrangeas
    • Dried bunny tails
    • Dried rice flower
    • Dried chrysanthemum
    • Dried magnolia flower
    • Preserved ming fern
    • Templetonia retusa
    • Preserved crystal grass (forget me)
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